A giveaway! A ring sling!

Remember that ring sling I sewed for a new babe a few days ago?  Here I will refresh you…


I have enough fabric for another.  Want it?  Have a friend thats ready to pop?  Have a baby that needs somewhere to sit?  Comment here and that counts for one.  Share this somewhere and and that counts for two (let me know you did so in a comment).  Have a great thursday!  


it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got a sling

Well, sure it does mean something.  But having a baby is so much more fun when you DO have a sling!  And I can promise you, I am kicking myself for ever having purchased one.  They are truly the easiest things ever to make.  I followed these instructions and purchased these rings.  Picking out fabric was an adventure, to say the least.  It took several trips to the fabric store and lots of time thumbing the isles.  I swear I am completely unable to pull the trigger on even the smallest of choices!  I was finally able to make a clear minded decision (lo and behold) on a shopping trip alone.  Why does this surprise me?  Oh, someday I will learn.

Well anyways, the consensus was my brother will be decked out in a vintage orange surf fabric in combination with pea green t-shirt fabric for extra softness.


My sweet sister-in-law can keep her little lady cozy in this double thick green.


And I purchased enough of this to make two more…


I think this weight will be just the thing for the summer months while the green floral print sling will be ideal for the cold winter ahead.  The gold is not machine washable I don’t believe, but pretty enough to make it worth a hand wash now and then, and silky enough to make me want a skirt or a dress out of it too.  Mmmmm… seems as though yet another trip to the fabric store is in order.  Ah yes, the machine is working hard.  This is certainly a present that keeps on giving without a doubt!

Any sewing going on in your neck of the woods?

little blue up-cycled leggings

IMG_7563 IMG_7564

I am not an expert.  There are probably thousands of excellent tutorials you could scrounge up that would be much better than what I would put out, so I will spare you.  Besides they are crooked.  But I will dare you to find a cuter belly that they are snuggly fit around.  That, my friends, would be impossible.

These pants are as cozy as they are fancy.  For they are pure cashmere.  Oh yes, I was able to score a cashmere sweater at the old thrift store and slice and dice and stitch until I got these.  I dare say they are beyond adorable.

I am not sure the soaking ability of cashmere, and I don’t intend to find out.  So, these will not serve as a diaper cover for overnights, these will remain just lounging pants.  Who am I kidding, if these boys wanted to wear them to the Taj Mahal I would abide.  Truly though they are too little yet to care for the particulars of their outfits so, it would only be mama to blame if they were underdressed for such an occasion.

Give it a go!  Make some clothes.  I have little to no background in sewing, and not even the time or patience for irons or patterns.  So if with these skills I can complete such sweet adorable outcomes, than it is clear, anyone can!  And stitching up something you yourself or your loved ones can wear is pretty rad I must say.  The feeling of accomplishment, of something from nothing, is awesome.  You can be sure ten thousand other people are not walking around in blue cashmere leggings, and as far as I am concerned that is a win right there.

And don’t forget if you want a chance at a custom banner see yesterdays post – waving (and winning) the banner of love A GIVEAWAY – to enter!  All you have to do is comment on yesterdays post, follow me, and/or share my blog somewhere.

waving (and winning) the banner of love -A GIVEAWAY-

I decided to surprise myself last week on the thirteenth of February at ten pm and do some creating.  Lee was at the office, as usual, studying for some quiz or writing a paper (I can never keep track), and I decided to stay up late.  You see, as a rule, I hit the hay at 9:30, at the very latest.  I have no need to reiterate what my nights look like, for I have made it clear and obvious no one does any sleeping for any length of time around here.  So, I broke my precious rule and got to work.

This is what I came up with.  


I set up a project the boys could make for their beloved daddy-o.  The next day, the boys had a messy yet satisfying time decorating their flags.



I had a ball picking out sentimental fabrics from this ginormous pile of -to be used for something, someday- stockpile of clothes from the last 7 years of our lives.


And I found the results of staying up late to be not so bad after all.  Of course everything must be done in moderation.  Don’t think I am going to go out partying anytime soon.  Though, wouldn’t that be nice?  I mean just once?  Sigh….

oh and to show off a bit… this is what my man came up with!  


a bouquet of vegetables!  how appropriate!

And so to spread the love, I decided to share one with one of you!  And not just any banner.  A banner of your liking.  A custom banner of your choice up to 13 letters long, enough for a happy birthday tradition.  So…. for one drawing give me a comment.  For two, follow my blog  and comment.  For three, share this page somewhere, follow and comment!  In a week or so, I will tally them up, draw one out of a hat (I still don’t know how to do this random number generator bologna) and perhaps you will be adorning your house in a banner of your own.


remember if you don’t play you can’t win!  

Winner is Beth W.!!!!!

book cubby with vintage charm

I recently acquired a giant bag full old and new hankies alike.  There were tiny ones, floral prints, tatted edges, and some were even painstakingly embroidered.   I have thought, pinned, and researched options for these beautiful squares and there are quite a plethora of options.  But, on a whim, and with my own little imagination hard at work I decided to showcase a couple on a book cubby for my boys.  It is made with a sturdy muslin and of course hankies!  Super simple, I think you can tell just by the pictures how it is done.  This kind of minimalist book cubby is for current favorites to be easily accessible.  Or, if you wanted to would be a nice storage spot for illusive library books.  (Why is it that they are SO hard to keep track of?)

Thanks goes to my sweet Nana for the vintage inspiration.