book cubby with vintage charm

I recently acquired a giant bag full old and new hankies alike.  There were tiny ones, floral prints, tatted edges, and some were even painstakingly embroidered.   I have thought, pinned, and researched options for these beautiful squares and there are quite a plethora of options.  But, on a whim, and with my own little imagination hard at work I decided to showcase a couple on a book cubby for my boys.  It is made with a sturdy muslin and of course hankies!  Super simple, I think you can tell just by the pictures how it is done.  This kind of minimalist book cubby is for current favorites to be easily accessible.  Or, if you wanted to would be a nice storage spot for illusive library books.  (Why is it that they are SO hard to keep track of?)

Thanks goes to my sweet Nana for the vintage inspiration.  

ask the expert (the librarian of course)

The varieties of birds around here are endless.  Bright whites, long wispy feathers, bold colors, flocks of thousands all diving and migrating and all together grabbing quite a bit of my attention lately.  I am an aspiring birder and proud to say so.  Not that any of my hobbies could be mistaken for much else but “granny-esque”, but I must say, this one takes the cake.  Oh well… Something about hanging those binoculars around my neck, putting on some high knee rubber boots (I still have to get those) and hunting down those chirping fellows makes me smile.  Thrill of the chase I suppose.  Either way, I have recruited my little Miles and Rowan to join me in my birding education.  We often feed them or go on hikes to scout out their homes and hang-outs.  With little knowledge on the subject though, I thought we might just have to gather some materials.

We headed to the library today and checked out a variety of children’s books discussing those feathered friends.  With the upcoming baby chicks joining our crew this will be the perfect introduction.  While my bird identification book is quite helpful, there is nothing like a good children’s book to really help you learn.  If you have a question, any question at all, I highly recommend heading to your local librarian and borrowing a book from the children’s section.  They are so comprehensive and with minimal technical vocabulary that may be confusing.

For now I am quite the beginner, but I do live in the vicinity of one of the best “birding” spots around (so I have heard).  There are many people with an abundance of knowledge to pass on.  I know, I talk to them.  Hmm…now I am beginning to see where that little boy might get his chatty gene from…

Happy birding!  

Beard on Bread

What a great smile this man has!  I found this awesome bread book, Beard on bread, at the library and gave one of the recipes a whirl to go with our supper last night.

First of let me tell you what a joy it is to have a few moments at the library to check out any book I wish.  When at the library with Miles it’s always…an adventure lets say.  I basically grab any book off the shelf that I can shove quickly into our bag and pray that he doesnt go berserk or Rowan doesn’t lose it (or both!) while we check out.  But, needless to say, my every other Tuesday night book/knitting club has yet another perk; choosing my own book thoughtfully!

Beard on Bread is definitly a complete bread baking book with out all the confusion of complicated steps.  He sort of leaves you guessing.  No thermometers to see if bread is done, no times for rising, just trial and error.  Plain and simple.  And as frustrating for the by the book direction follower (not me) he is right, that is the best way I have learned to make bread.  This is certainly not the case with say… knitting but I seem to follow suit for this activity as well.

For instance, I will be using less flour next time,  I will bake it for about five minutes less I believe, and instead of the tablespoon and a half of course salt it calls for, I think I will just use the half.  But, other than that it was quite delicious.  The best part of bread making is the smell anyways.  I hope when my boys smell fresh bread baking they think of their childhood.  I often remember a loaf of bread on our radiator rising during the winter months and it always brings a smile to my face.  Ahhh…it’s getting cold and it felt good to have the oven working hard yesterday.  So long as the the weather is cold and the sky is grey I will continue baking the bread.  That is for sure.  It’s my favorite cold weather hobby, hands down.  Miles too:)  He is becoming quite the cook.  When he not busy caring for his little one of course.