inside happenings

It just occurred to me today that while all these snowy pictures are dreamy and stark and fun to look at and to breathe in, I haven’t included much about whats been happening indoors, by my fire, when the children aren’t looking, or hanging on me or awake.  Because really, it has been a whole lot!  And while you are reading this keep in mind that this is what I am choosing to do in lieu of typical household upkeep.  You know, I am okay with very wrinkly laundry that is in a pile in the guest room.  I am okay with wood chippy floors, and sticky tables.  I try to take care of these things occasionally, or in a way that keeps my neck juuuust barely above the my house is teetering on kinda gross level because I really, really love to make things.  It’s true.  I really do.

A new friend (yeah a new friend!) came over the other day and we touched on the oh so important subject of what we do, or what we are trying to do or even just hoping to do, to keep some of our self intact during these very needy days of bearing young children.  This is such an important topic.  It is the root of what grounds me.  For me, it really doesn’t matter the medium.  I love fiber as much as I love ink.  I’ll settle for a batch of lip balm just the same as I would a maple walnut cake (I promise Caitlyn, that recipe is coming soon).   It all settles my soul equally and fully.  You see, I am quite sure whether it be reading a trashy novel, heading to a yoga class, drinking classy beverages, spinning up a skein of yarn, or hey even wiping down the sticky peanut buttery surfaces of your house, all of us humans crave a bit of self in our days.  It’s dangerous thing to ignore.

IMG_5224 IMG_5220 IMG_5217 IMG_4877

If you are curious, I have been knitting up the bonsai socks from this book, spinning lots of cormo blends, listening to this podcast and of course like the rest of the country this podcast.  Occasionally with my ears sunk under a tub full of suds I have been reading a bit of toni… oh toni…, and then a few new-found crafties:  wood carving and block printing!

So what do you do to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground?  

Any grand ideas?  Any little ones that are as sweet as they are simple?  

What works for you?!  I want to know!

it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got a sling

Well, sure it does mean something.  But having a baby is so much more fun when you DO have a sling!  And I can promise you, I am kicking myself for ever having purchased one.  They are truly the easiest things ever to make.  I followed these instructions and purchased these rings.  Picking out fabric was an adventure, to say the least.  It took several trips to the fabric store and lots of time thumbing the isles.  I swear I am completely unable to pull the trigger on even the smallest of choices!  I was finally able to make a clear minded decision (lo and behold) on a shopping trip alone.  Why does this surprise me?  Oh, someday I will learn.

Well anyways, the consensus was my brother will be decked out in a vintage orange surf fabric in combination with pea green t-shirt fabric for extra softness.


My sweet sister-in-law can keep her little lady cozy in this double thick green.


And I purchased enough of this to make two more…


I think this weight will be just the thing for the summer months while the green floral print sling will be ideal for the cold winter ahead.  The gold is not machine washable I don’t believe, but pretty enough to make it worth a hand wash now and then, and silky enough to make me want a skirt or a dress out of it too.  Mmmmm… seems as though yet another trip to the fabric store is in order.  Ah yes, the machine is working hard.  This is certainly a present that keeps on giving without a doubt!

Any sewing going on in your neck of the woods?


A visit down south (even further than our current placement) gave me a tiny glimpse of my past and a possibility for the future.  The warmth of a home filled with several generations is something to envy.  While getting older can be somewhat frightening, to have the assistance and love from your children and their children and their children’s children certainly must ease the transition.  My Nana and Papa get to enjoy a house full of laughter and a place where I promise you there is a never ever a dull moment.

Oh, Miles was quite fond of his Papa (not to be mistaken with Pop Pop).  There were several rides on his walker and endless hugs and kisses.  I believe that little boy of mine surely tired old Papa out, and most certainly put a smile on his face.

For me, I got to reminisce about the crafting Nana and I would do (surely where my gene came from).  Nana and I would spend hours quilting tiny pillows, painting wooden cutouts, sewing odds and ends, and generally having quite a bit of fun in the cozy comfort of her finished basement.  Now nana deep into her eighties can claim mastery of so many traditional crafts.  As she likes to say, “You name the craft and I have done it”.  And I assure you she is not fibbing.  I look about her room and I see stacks of hand sewn quilts, oriental rugs, wall hangings, embroidered napkins, tatted doilies, and everything in between.  She is the envy of crafters far and wide I am sure.

Our trip home included the addition of a Babcia, a Pop Pop, a couch, a china cabinet, a dresser, kitchen utensils, dishes, and my most prized possession as of yet: a large bin full of patterns.  It’s contents include envelopes with detailed notes on each craft, scraps of fabric indicating what worked and what did not, newspaper clippings with columns of knitting patterns from long ago, and essentially everything that pleases me.  I cannot wait to find a slice of time to sit down and take out each piece, one at a time and envision that wonderful woman I love so much creating another wonderful piece.  We are kindred spirits my Nana and me.  Our tendency to worry, our need to create, and our ability to always find a reason to smile are proof that we are blood.

I love you Nana.  Thank you for all that you are.