a ten dollar fix

A little bit of this a little bit of that and there you are!  A brand new wooden clothes holding mechanism and one bend at waist, rest your buttocks contraption completely re-done.

I will admit that these “activities” were almost certainly the straw that broke the camels back.  The back being my tear ducts.  You see, training puppies is absolutely not my forte. There were several escapes made by our little storm Cloud during the art-ing (in the words of Miles) complete with a road blockade by a large truck to aid in her rescue and several insane chicken sprints.  Those poor old (young) hens.  They had a run for their money this morning.  To say the least.

Oh nothing a little muffin can’t fix.  Although they were seconds from being burned to smithereens (damn dog!).  I swear I am obsessed with this cookbook.  These are butternut squash muffins.  Just what the doctor (or vet in this case) ordered.

But quite frankly it was worth it not only for the glorious outcome, but to hear my little man say, “This is a great activity for a yittle boy!  My love you the whole wide world mama!”.  Painting furniture on purpose.  When you put it that way, it certainly is a good activity for a little boy.  No mistaking that one.

I have big plans for the completion of this old thing too.  I have been carving out a carolina wren stamp (yes I am that much of a sap) and I intend to adorn her in a bright bold red.  Perhaps on the knobs or maybe just on the top.

One yellow chair soon to be adorned with some chalkboard paint on the back for Miles, and one turquoise dresser for mama in the works and we are both quite pleased.  Quite.