it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got a sling

Well, sure it does mean something.  But having a baby is so much more fun when you DO have a sling!  And I can promise you, I am kicking myself for ever having purchased one.  They are truly the easiest things ever to make.  I followed these instructions and purchased these rings.  Picking out fabric was an adventure, to say the least.  It took several trips to the fabric store and lots of time thumbing the isles.  I swear I am completely unable to pull the trigger on even the smallest of choices!  I was finally able to make a clear minded decision (lo and behold) on a shopping trip alone.  Why does this surprise me?  Oh, someday I will learn.

Well anyways, the consensus was my brother will be decked out in a vintage orange surf fabric in combination with pea green t-shirt fabric for extra softness.


My sweet sister-in-law can keep her little lady cozy in this double thick green.


And I purchased enough of this to make two more…


I think this weight will be just the thing for the summer months while the green floral print sling will be ideal for the cold winter ahead.  The gold is not machine washable I don’t believe, but pretty enough to make it worth a hand wash now and then, and silky enough to make me want a skirt or a dress out of it too.  Mmmmm… seems as though yet another trip to the fabric store is in order.  Ah yes, the machine is working hard.  This is certainly a present that keeps on giving without a doubt!

Any sewing going on in your neck of the woods?

tiny shoes

IMG_4255 IMG_4254

Impossibly tiny shoes for some impossibly tiny feet.  My little Soleil is just about here.  Any day now I will be an auntie once again.  I have been a non stop a crafting for this little one.  She is entering the world at just the right time for an auntie in the mood to create I guess.  There is a sizable stack for this sweet baby forming beside my new best friend.


You know, my sewing machine!  My sweet man surprised me with this beauty a few weeks ago and I am happily in love.  With the giver and the gift!  It is such a joy to have both a zig and a zag function!  Though I should say these tiny shoes took nothing but my own dexterity to complete.  They were so fun!  It was a simplicity pattern with my own embroidery skills for good measure.  I can see lots of these little felted booties in the future.

IMG_3566 IMG_3561

Sitting on this porch, with this view, stitching something up for my niece with a nice big old glass of strawberry ginger kombucha in hand.  Vermont is treating me just fine.  

nothing to do but knit

While this is an absolute down right lie, it is precisely the way I am managing any possible stress.  Rather than concerning myself with petty things such as packing or finding a place to live, I have decided to just knit.  So far no panic attacks have occurred so I consider it a success!  Oh, those big blue eyes. I matched them perfectly to a well suited Rowan organic cotton blend.  This little boy has recently learned begun to say, “Your yelcome”  and the combination is like watching a puppy run.  You are knocked over with the cuteness of the whole thing.  So, I knitted him a little vest, thinking our new location will require such an item for months to come.  Believe it or not, I have had the chance to fancy him up a few times down here already even here in the sunny south.

I found vintage military buttons at Perlina, a perfect addition to the knitting store, The Frayed Knot, where I conveniently purchased the yarn for this project.  The owner is so very helpful and sweet.  I just love going there.  In fact, for the past two weeks I have even managed to escape for a full night to enjoy the company of a whole slew of knitters at their Tuesday Night knit night.  I have been quite inspired by these visits looking around at all the amazing projects being stitched up.

Well here it is- The Pebble, a free pattern on Ravelry.  (Are we friends on Ravelry?  Oh oh friend me! friend me!)

IMG_2019 IMG_2014 IMG_2022

Oh, and wait till you see whats in store next…  a handspun project… for a little sunshine entering our lives this summer. (As a niece mind you, I am NOT expecting) Oh a baby, a little baby girl.


Anything interesting on your needles?


a fairy garden how to


An interpretation of the lenten garden has become the centerpiece of our nature table.  Isn’t she a beauty?


I… I mean my children… had an incredible time making this.  The three of us really did have a spectacular morning gathering the moss, hunting down tiny sticks and rocks, building a fairy fire, plotting out the map of our fairy garden etc….  


The weather was outright spectacular today.  The potato tops were charred with cold when I woke up, the moon hung a metallic waxing gibbous in the morning sky.  But by noon, the silver lady was nowhere to be seen and the sky was a milky gray overcast covering us like a warm blanket.  We had no option but to remain outdoors as long as possible.

To make the garden cover a sheet tray with plastic (I used plastic bags), then a layer of soil, and on top the world is your oyster.  Whatever suites your fancy will work just fine for the fairy folk.  Or at least whatever you can find right outside your doorstep.  And then on easter, or the first day of spring (whichever tradition you feel inclined to participate in) you can decorate the garden while your children sleep.  When they awake they will find the fairies have left them in some spring time glory in return for building them a beautiful home. Don’t forget to spritz your moss and other plants you find with water occasionally so they don’t dry out.

IMG_0470 IMG_0469 IMG_0467

It is almost spring!!

a little almost spring time craft

Don’t flutter by, butterfly.

Come sit on my finger.

Come tickle my cheek.

Come be my guest for the day or the week.

But, don’t flutter by- butterfly.

-a verse from seven times the sun.


These boys and I swtiched out the winter “chandelier” for a gentle spring motif.  The project is simple enough for little hands to complete all by their lonesome.  It is quick and you can you use the leftover paper you have shoved under your sink from previous holidays.

1. Let them cut squares

2. fold it over a chunk of pipe cleaner

3. dangle from a piece of yarn off of a grapevine wreath

See?!  Simple enough.


I taught the boys the verse up above.  While I do love the book it came from I struggle to find just the right spots for all the magical songs and rhymes in our day.  This was a good start.  We practiced little finger motions, and in no time they were chanting along with me.  It has been stuck in my head ever since.